LSHS Community Service

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To get the form for community service, please see Mrs. Boehm in the main office.

It is the student's responsibility to maintain their own community service records.

10 Hours Required For Graduation

    Community Service is:
  • Volunteer work for no other credit or monetary compensation
  • Performed for a non-profit organization
  • Community Service Hours:
  • May be completed any time after the start of Freshman year
  • Must be finished by the end of the Senior year
  • Community Service Log
  • Must be signed by a supervisor present at the project location
  • Must contain completed information
  • Will not be accepted with a parent's signature as the supervisor


  • Projects which benefit charitable, non-profit organizations
  • Political campaign activities related to either a candidate or issue election
  • Tutoring with teacher or counselor supervision
  • Community activities sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Mainstreet, City of Lee’s Summit, or civic clubs
  • Activities sponsored by Music Parents or Booster Club
  • Hospitals and residential care facilities
  • Work one-on-one with students at elementary schools
  • Help at non-profit daycare's, such as those associated with a church
  • Lead vacation Bible School, church nursery supervision, participate in summer mission trips


  • Any service done as a requirement for court, or one’s participation in any class, club, performance studio or other organization
  • Any work completed for a for-profit business, even if no pay is received.  This included for-profit daycare's and physician’s offices
  • Any service done during school hours
  • Baby-sitting in the home
  • Home or lawn maintenance
  • Playing the church organ or piano, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, performing maintenance on the church building or grounds
  • Duties normally performed by school staff, such as bulletin boards, grading, filing, room clean-up and preparation
  • Keeping statistics or filming athletic events for the sole use of the coach
  • Perform community service during the school day