LSHS Community Service

Questions or concerns?
Contact Kara Farren / (816)986-2035

10 Hours Required For Graduation

    Community Service is:
  • Volunteer work for no other credit or monetary compensation
  • Performed for a non-profit organization
  • Community Service Hours:
  • May be completed any time after the start of Freshman year
  • Must be finished by the end of the Senior year
  • Community Service Log
  • Must be signed by a supervisor present at the project location
  • Must contain completed information
  • Will not be accepted witha parent's signature as the supervisor

Autism Support Group
-Lee's Summit

Contact: Sherrit Tucker
@ 816-554-3017

Cabrini House

Cabrini House

Contact: Michelle Sims [after 3 pm]
@ 816-554-0067


  • Projects which benefit charitable, non-profit organizations
  • Political campaign activities related to either a candidate or issue election
  • Tutoring with teacher or counselor supervision
  • Community activities sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Mainstreet, City of Lee’s Summit, or civic clubs
  • Activities sponsored by Music Parents or Booster Club
  • Hospitals and residential care facilities
  • Work one-on-one with students at elementary schools
  • Help at non-profit daycare's, such as those associated with a church
  • Lead vacation Bible School, church nursery supervision, participate in summer mission trips

Coldwater Food Pantry and Clothes Closet

Contact: 816-786-0758
or at

Generation Adult Care

Generation Adult Care

Contact: Susan Smith or
Pat Sargent at 816-478-8600


  • Any service done as a requirement for court, or one’s participation in any class, club, performance studio or other organization
  • Any work completed for a for-profit business, even if no pay is received.  This included for-profit daycare's and physician’s offices
  • Any service done during school hours
  • Baby-sitting in the home
  • Home or lawn maintenance
  • Playing the church organ or piano, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, performing maintenance on the church building or grounds
  • Duties normally performed by school staff, such as bulletin boards, grading, filing, room clean-up and preparation
  • Keeping statistics or filming athletic events for the sole use of the coach
  • Perform community service during the school day
Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital

Contact: 816-444-4611
Or go to the Hospital


Greenwood Social Sciences

Contact: Mr. McGee


Harvester Volunteer Sorting Area

Contact: Jean Elis
at 231-3173 extension 139

Hillcrest Thrift store

Hillcrest Thrift Store

Contact: (816) 272-1976
Or go to the thrift store

LS Animal Shelter

Lee's Summit Animal Shelter

Contact: 816-969-1640 or
816-969-7405 (Animal Control)

LS Chamber of Commernce

Lee's Summit Chamber of Commernce

Contact: 816-524-2424

LS Education Foundation

Lee's Summit Education Foundation

Contact: Sheryl Franke at 986-1015

LS Social Service

Lee's Summit Social Service

Contact: Ted at

Junior Volunteer Program

Junior Volunteer Program

Contact: Lisa Dye at

Mid-Content Library

Mid-Continent Library

Contact: Mickayla McLean
816-524-0567 or

Midwest Foster Care

Midwest Foster Care & Adoption

Contact: Becky Hughes

Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Call 816-561-1090 for more information or to schedule a shift.



Contact: Rebecca Dye at
816-231-6889 extension 225

Russ Belin LS Symphony

Russ Berlin Lee's Summit Syphony

Please contact the A+ office for more information

Sourthern Care

Southern Care Heart of Hospice

Contact: Ms. Bernal

Truman Neurological Center

Truman Neurological Center

Contact: Shannon Maloney
at 373-5060

MO Building Bridges Program

University of Missouri Building Bridges Program

Contact: Nina Chen
at 252-5051

Uptown Resale

Uptown Resale

Contact at 524-7225


Wilshire at Lakewood

Contact: Kristi Hays
at 554-9866

Woodland Elementary Outdoor Classroom

Woodland Elementary Outdoor Classroom

Contact: Sandy Miller at
816-525-4597 [Home] or
816-564-0138 [Cell]

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