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10 Hours Required For Graduation

    Community Service is:
  • Volunteer work for no other credit or monetary compensation
  • Performed for a non-profit organization
  • Community Service Hours:
  • May be completed any time after the start of Freshman year
  • Must be finished by the end of the Senior year
  • Community Service Log
  • Must be signed by a supervisor present at the project location
  • Must contain completed information
  • Will not be accepted with a parent's signature as the supervisor
austim support

Autism Support Group

Needs help with day care. 
Meets the first Monday of each month at: Legacy Christian Church.

Contact: Sherri Tucker
@ (816)554-3017

Cabrini House

Cabrini House

Would like students to come 1-2 times a week to do manicures and hair styling for EMH residents.

Contact: Michelle Sims [after 3 pm]
@ (816)554-0067


  • Projects which benefit charitable, non-profit organizations
  • Political campaign activities related to either a candidate or issue election
  • Tutoring with teacher or counselor supervision
  • Community activities sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Mainstreet, City of Lee’s Summit, or civic clubs
  • Activities sponsored by Music Parents or Booster Club
  • Hospitals and residential care facilities
  • Work one-on-one with students at elementary schools
  • Help at non-profit daycare's, such as those associated with a church
  • Lead vacation Bible School, church nursery supervision, participate in summer mission trips



11:30 am - 2 pm, of every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, except the 1st & 3rd Saturdays in November & December
it includes a meal @ 11:45 am

Help with tasks such as distributing and carring out food, working in clothes closet, & serving lunch.

Contact: (816)786-0758
or at

Generation Adult Care

Address:16021 East 40 Hwy Independence, MO (¼ mile west of Lee’s Summit Road)


Facility is open Monday-Friday until 6pm.
Community Service from 2:45-6:00 pm.
You may work short term or long term interacting with adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. Activities might include outdoor walks, playing checkers, reading or visiting.

Contact: Susan Smith or
Pat Sargent @ (816)478-8600


  • Any service done as a requirement for court, or one’s participation in any class, club, performance studio or other organization
  • Any work completed for a for-profit business, even if no pay is received.  This included for-profit daycare's and physician’s offices
  • Any service done during school hours
  • Baby-sitting in the home
  • Home or lawn maintenance
  • Playing the church organ or piano, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, performing maintenance on the church building or grounds
  • Duties normally performed by school staff, such as bulletin boards, grading, filing, room clean-up and preparation
  • Keeping statistics or filming athletic events for the sole use of the coach
  • Perform community service during the school day

Grace Hospital

Need volunteers to visit patients

Contact: (816))444-4611
Or go to the Hospital


Monday - Saturday at 10-6pm
Students will help clean, sort and unload goods on the dock. No appointment needed.

Contact: (816) 272-1976
Or go to the thrift store


Hill Crest Thrift Store

Volunteer Sorting Area
Tuesday and Thursdays at 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturdays at 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Sort food, sort household goods collected in food drives and donated by grocery stores, and repackage food or household items damaged in shipment.

Contact: Jean Elis
@ 231-3173 extension 139

Animal Shelter
Lee's Summit Animal Shelter

Address: 1991 SE Hamblen Road
Open: Monday-Sunday

Walk Dogs, Sweep Floors, Mop, etc.

Contact: (816)969-1640 or
(816)969-7405 (Animal Control)

LS Chamber of Commernce
Lee's Summit Chamber of Commernce

Address: 220 SE Main Lee's Summit, MO

By arrangement; assist with various tasks at the Chamber Office


LS Education Foundation
Lee's Summit Education Foundation

Community service opportunities that are ongoing throughout the year. 
Events and project assistance (Race for the Future, Extravaganza, etc.), donor relations, mailings, data entry, etc.

Contact: Sheryl Franke @ (816)986-1015 or

LS Social Service
Lee's Summit Social Service

Address: 108 SE 4th Street Lee's Summit, MO

Contact: Ted @



Junior Volunteer Program
Junior Volunteer Program

Address: 17203 E. 23rd Street Independence, MO

This is an on-going program, that seeks out students for ongoing commitments. Volunteers must have a C average and a doctor’s statement that they are free of communicable diseases.

Contact: Lisa Dye @
Schedule according to availability.

Mid-Continent Library
Mid-Continent Library

Address: Oldham Parkway Branch only

Contact: Mickayla McLean
@ (816)524-0567 or

Midwest Foster Care
Midwest Foster Care

Needs students to help in their food pantry, clothing closet, etc.

Contact:Becky Hughes
@ (816)350-0215


Recycling Center
Recycling Center

Three locations - Trails/Bannister, UMKC/Midtown, Metro North Shopping Center.

Volunteers help unload recyclers' cars, help recyclers carry their recyclables to the appropriate bins and help answer their recycling questions.

The centers are open every week: Wednesday through Saturday  Scheduling is flexible



Address: 4701 Deramus (East Bottoms) KCMO

Re-use building material supply store—all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. Schedule as available. Numerous jobs available for individuals or groups including warehouse associates, recycling, collections assistants, display merchandise, etc.

Tuesdays-Fridays 9:00am – 6:00pm. Saturdays 9:00am-4:00 pm

Contact:Rebecca Dye @
(816)231-6889 extension 225


Russ Belin LS Symphony
Russ Belin LS Symphony

Needs help with equipment set up/break down at the LSHS concerts

Please contact the A+ office for more information

Sourthern Care
Southern Care Heart of Hospice

Contact: Ms. Bernal
@ (816)524-3663 for more information

Truman Neurological Center
Truman Neurological Center

Schedule based on availability and needs of center. 
Volunteers needed to assist with activities and other needs at this residential and habilitation center for persons with developmental disabilities.

Address: 12404 E. US 40 Highway
Independence, MO 64055 

Contact:(816)373-5060  or  (816)373-5787

University of Missouri Building Bridges Program
University of Missouri Building Bridges Program

They would like students to commit to meeting with Senior Citizens monthly. This activity brings young and old together for the benefit of both.

Contact: Nina Chen
@ (816)252-5051

Uptown Resale
Uptown Resale

Address: 310 SE Blue Parkway
By Catholic Charities

Wilshire at Lakewood
Wilshire at Lakewood

A long-term care facility in northern Lee’s Summit. Schedule on an as-needed basis, when available. Assistants needed to visit with residents, help with crafts, distribute snacks, play the piano, sing, read, play cards, Bingo, etc.

Address:600 NE Meadowview Drive Lee's Summit,MO 64064 

Contact: Kristi Hays
@ 554-9866

Woodland Elementary
Woodland Elementary Outdoor Classroom

Planting and garden maintenance. Its is at your convenience
Please call to set up a time.

Contact: Sandy Miller @
(816)525-4597 [Home] or
(816)564-0138 [Cell]