Consider A+…

The A+ student

  • Attends an A+ School for two years prior to graduation.
  • Graduates from an A+ school with an un-weighted cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Maintains a 95% attendance record in Grades 9-12.
  • Performs 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring for other students in our district.
  • Maintains a record of good citizenship and avoids the use of alcohol and unlawful drugs.
  • Apply for non-payback scholarships by completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Register for selective service, if applicable
  • Scores Proficient or or Advanced on the state level Algebra I EOC Exam or or meet one of the qualifying scores on the math portion of the ACT Exam.
  • ACT math Sub-Score 17 and 2.5 or greater GPA
    ACT math Sub-Score 16 and 2.8 or greater GPA
    ACT math Sub-Score 15 and 3.0 or greater GPA


  • To enroll, complete and sign the A+ Application and forms as instructed below from your student Chromebook. It is recommended that students sign up even if they are planning to go to a four-year college or not going to college. A+ is an opportunity for students to access after high school. It does not obligate them to use the A+ tuition reimbursement.


  • A student graduating with A+ status is eligible for two years of tuition reimbursement to attend any public Missouri community college or vocational/technical school as a full-time student. Tuition reimbursement covers tuition and most fees (subject to state funding approval).
  • An A+ student may be eligible for scholarships from four-year colleges and universities.
  • The tuition reimbursement benefit is available to the A+ student up to four years after high school graduation.
  • Students graduating from a two-year school may be eligible for transfer scholarships to a four-year college or university.
Meghan Forbes / A+ Coordinator / meghan.forbes@lsr7.net
Genevieve Boehm / A+ Office Assistant / 816.986.2034 / genevieve.boehm@lsr7.net

Getting Started

Complete and submit ALL four (4) parts of the A+ application: Agreement, Parent Permission, Tutoring/Mentoring Application, and Tutoring Guidelines from your student Chromebook or while logged into your school Google account.

Email the Teacher Recommendation link found here to TWO (2) recent teachers and request they recommend you for the A+ Program. The teachers will complete the form and submit it directly to the A+ Office.

Once all your paperwork is returned and verified, the A+ Office will email you with instructions on a short training session. When you have completed the training, there is a training exit test on which you must score above an 80%. Once that is complete, you will be contacted by the A+ Office to arrange your assignment.When you complete the test, and the results are processed with a score of at least 80%, you will be contacted by the A+ Office with detailed information about how to arrange your assignment.

s. Note: Parent Electronic Signatures are required on three(3) of the forms. Attach them to a new email and return them to Mr. Baron in the A+ Office at genevieve.boehm@lsr7.net.

Email the Teacher Recommendation to two(2) teachers of your choice. They will complete them and submit them to the A+ Office.

Once all your paperwork is returned, the A+ Office will email links for the A+ Training Video and Training Exit Test to you. Please watch the entire video and then take the test.

Once you complete and submit the test, and the results are processed with a score of at least 80%, you will be contacted by the A+ Office to arrange your assignment.



A+ Teacher Recommendation (2 required):




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