Nominations for the Lee’s Summit High School Athletic Hall of Fame are on a rolling basis but must be received by the Lee’s Summit High School Athletics Office no later than June 1 of every year to be considered for the next year’s class.


Nomination Forms

Instructions & Guidelines

  1. The nomination form must include the following:

    1. The nomination form itself, completed in its entirety. It is preferable that the nomination form be typewritten. The form is available on the LSHS school website at as a PDF document. Questions about the nomination form and process may be sent to

    2. Letters of recommendation should be limited to one typewritten page each.

    3. Copies (8.5” x 11” letter size) of the following: newspaper clippings, magazine articles, event programs, scorebook pages, statistical printouts, or other such materials that substantiate the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions. DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS. All information submitted will be retained by the LSHS Athletics Office.

Additional Guidelines

    A nominee may be deceased; however, deceased nominees must have passed away at least two (2) years prior to nomination.
    If a nominee is not selected within a period of five (5) years, he/she is automatically removed from the list of active nominees. A second nomination shall remain active for a period of three (3) years, after which time it will be placed on a permanent inactive status.
    No nominee may nominate his or her self.


Nomination Criteria

Student – Athlete

  • Must be a graduate of Lee’s Summit High School.
  • Must have graduated from the school at least five (5) years prior to the selection to the Hall of Fame.
  • Must have played a minimum of two (2) seasons at the Varsity Level.
  • May have demonstrated leadership and outstanding character in school and in the community.
  • Had a significant impact on athletic program(s).
  • Awards/Honors will be considered in the selection and may include, but not limited to: All State, All Region/District, All Conference 1st team, Team MVP, Multiple Sport “Star”, LSHS record holder.


  • Individual who has made a significant contribution to the Lee’s Summit High School athletic program. Not strictly monetary.
  • An individual that has been an innovator in the development of new ideas, which were beneficial to the student-athletes of Lee’s Summit High School.
  • An individual who has provided long periods of outstanding support and/or service to the Lee’s Summit High School athletic programs.


  • Must have demonstrated an unusually high degree of success relative to his/her particular sport. Success in the program is not always measured by wins and losses, but may be determined by the degree of respectability given the person or program by other people.
  • Should have displayed character and leadership qualities in our school and community.
  • Has coached a specific sport for at least five (5) years and has not left the sport or school for reasons detrimental to the image of the school.
  • Must have left the coaching position for at least three (3) years prior to selection to the Hall of Fame, but may still be serving the school in another capacity.


An individual team may be elected into the Hall of Fame if having met the following criteria:

  • State Champions or State Runners Up. This will count as only one nominee. Members of said teams may still be nominated as individuals.
  • An individual team may be elected to the Hall of Fame if the completed season was notable by ordinary standards determined by the HOF committee.

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